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Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal

Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal

  • Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal
  • Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal
  • Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal
  • Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal
  • Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal
  • Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal
  • Tantra Relaxation Massage FrenchEsalem Montreal


The FrenchEsalem Tantra and Relaxation Massage is unavailable at the moment

Massage is unavailable at the moment.

Give yourself a unique experience!

Please note that the return to work for Massage Frenchesalem is suspended until June or July 2020, thank you! You can always call from June 2020 only for more information at No 514 642 9564. Ms. Paulina Fortin, Masso Frenchesalem.

Tantra FrenchEsalem treatment is not a massage like any other, it allows you to discover points that you do not know about your male sexuality by acting on your sensory emotions to give you a fantastic and unforgettable experience!

Relaxing massage of 50 minutes: $ 60.00 with Tantra $ 70.00

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FrenchEsalem Tantra Massage

Here is a small explanation of what inspired me and added to my goal of being a massage therapist, which was to do good to the human body but with time and with the thread I had the idea to create a tantra method for male clients.

A product that is widely accepted and practiced in Asia in massage therapy for male clients, especially for businessmen and professionals in hotel spas and also in the center. body care for men. It is a type of massage that is respected and accepted as a very normal need for male clients.

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FrenchEsalem Relaxation Massage

The massage consists of movements that add to the genitals of the man while massaging with the FrenchEsalem therapy method.

This FrenchEsalem Relaxation Massage technique will go on all the erogenous zones or the sensory zones of the genitals of the man.

The FrenchEsalem Relaxation Massage is similar to the FrenchEsalem massage therapy but has added the massage to the buttocks, hips, thighs, sides, while going on the back, stomach, neck, shoulder etc.

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FrenchEsalem Massage Therapy

The FrenchEsalem method is a massage technique that involves kneading the skin and also wrapping the skin with warmth with the movements that the hands make with the FrenchEsalem massage therapy method.

If you could imagine how an ocean wave can wrap you and make gentle and steady pressure when you enter it. Then you would live mentally similar with the FrenchEsalem Therapy movements on all the skin of your body.

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I am located on the edge of the water on Route 138, chemin du Roy, near Repentigny, Lavaltrie, St-Sulpice and Joliette.

514 642-9564

Note that I do not answer if my display shows name and number unknown, you will have to leave a message with your phone number on my voicemail.

For all the men who work a lot, take a moment of tantra and therapeutic take some time to relax and think of you!

The FrencheEsalem tantra is a unique massage method made on the private parts of the man that is added to the FrenchEsalem massage therapy.


Massage Therapist - Practitioner - Trainer method of massage tantra and relaxation FrenchEsalem - Personal growth and development

From 1998 to the present, I shared massage techniques and developed the Frenchesalem method, a technique that consists of hand movements and a touch approach that produces warmth and unblocks emotions to bring physical and mental well-being to the customer. It is a technique that helps people to function better mentally, emotionally, sensory, physically and spiritually in their daily lives.

Certification of group work and personal growth and professional growth as a life goach to help grow in blocked emotions with method of Life Skills Training Center Institute of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Having a training as spiritual caregiver, I am interested in managing people's emotions. From 1975 to 1988 I followed an intensive course of one thousand hours in human relation. To support my approach, I specialize in suicide prevention and intervention internships at the Life Skills Institute in Edmonton, Alberta.

From 1991 to 1997, I worked as a psychotherapist specializing in emotional restructuring in the cities of Edson, Alberta and Kelowna, British Columbia. This approach allowed me to be a columnist in the Edson Leader newspaper on topics related to techniques to understand and improve human relationships in everyday life.

I have been a counselor and consultant (probation officer) with young offenders with behavior problems and human relationships. These experiences in psychotherapy and my expertise in FrenchEsalem allowed me to develop new techniques to enable them to change their negative behavior.


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